CHief and Council

  • Chief: Sandra Larin
  • Deputy Chief: Emily Watts
  • Councillor: Holly Harris
  • Councillor: Joe Well
  • Councillor: Malii (Glen) Williams
  • Councillor: Mckenna Daniels
  • Councillor: Beau Pierre

band office

  • Gitwangak Band Manager: Marie Skidmore
  • Housing Manager: Barbara McRae
  • Band Reception: 
  • Social Development BSDW: Hazel Williams
  • Membership: Heather Barnes
  • O&M: Herbie Johnson
  • O&M: Sandy Williams
  • O&M: Delbert Moore
  • Finance Assistant: 
  • Recycling: Kordelle Lincoln
  • Recycling: William Alex
  • Housing Intern: Eunice Johnson

health staff

  • Health Director: Erica Williams
  • Patient Travel: Kim Johnson
  • Personal Caring: Kimberly Mathews-PCA
  • Wellness: Tyron Watt
  • Health Reception: Candace Williams
  • Wrap Around Worker: Raven Williams
  • NNADAP Worker: Stephanie Rush
  • LPN: Sheri Weget
  • Youth Worker: Rosa Daniels
  • Harm Reduction: Peter Daniels

Gitwangak band & health Staff 2021 in support for mmiw



Gitwangak BC on GITWANGAK highway of Tears. (images below)