Our People & Culture

Submission: Tsabax Wilmer Johnson 

This is Tsabax Wilmer Johnson.

Photo #1

He liked to teach the importance of education and also to learn your territory boundaries and house you belong to. He was the Chief Tsabax of Wilps Tsabax a wolf clan in Gitaanmax. Gitaanmax means people of the torch lit fishing. Way back he told a story of how they use to light a torch and stick it in the ground. Fish would be attracted to it. Then they had a almost wider paddle shape to scoop the fish on to shore and clubbed them. I loved my pas stories. Wish I recorded him.

Photo #2

My dad (Late Tsabax) Wilmer Johnson shared what Skeena River(Sien) originally was Sien. Couldn’t pronounce it so it was changed to skeena. Sien Meaning = River of mist.

Gitwangak was people of the land of rabbits. Used to be so many rabbits as far as the eye could see.

Hlamm Tammy Derrick

Submission April 28, 2022: Yolanda Fowler

Kitwanga Spring field club


My late father “Robert Fowler” had taken this photo June 10th 1973


This photo definitely brings many many memories back!!

Good luck trying to figure out whos who?

If you remember this photo, please let the band know and let Yolanda Fowler know

Submission April 28, 2022: Sandy Williams

Original Poster written by Typewriter in 1946, Field was a prep of year 2013

This poster was gifted to me from a very amazing Legend from KSFC.

This is the very start of our MAY LONG WEEKENDS, WOW right, blast from the past how our oldest generation use to run there MAYLONG

If anyone has memories or photos for these events, submit them to the band or get in contact with Sandy Williams