Gitwangak AGM thank you and question email

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Gitwangak AGM for 2022/2023.  We recognize that not everyone had an opportunity to attend or ask all of their questions.  Please email your questions to  Answers will be collected Questions.png and responded to as quickly as possible.  All Q&A’s will also be shared with everyone.


Chief & Council

Gitwangak to Receive $25,000 Bonus Funding for Youth Programs

Chief, Council and Administration Team have secured a $25,000 grant from The Ministry of Children and Family Developement for the purpose of doing a Youth Survey and Supporting any Youth Programing that come from the youths direction. This is amazing for our Gitwangak/Gitxsan Youth to be heard and to be the leaders that they are born to be. Congratulations Gitwangak

Gitwangak will recieve a grant of $1.04 Million over the next 4 years

Gitwangak has won a $1.04 Million project that will be distributed in installments over the next 4 years. Chief, Council and our Administration Team have a lot of work to do! For them it means, way more advocacy for your rights at the Provincial and Federal levels. It also means Gitwangak gets a say in shaping healthcare, education, and Indigenous rights at these tables. The intent and purpose of the grant is to help establish a self-government, the title and rights of Indigenous people, end racism and discrimination, and promote social and cultural well-being! This will lead to a few employed roles for our community members as well. This is a great win for our Nation! Congrats, Gitwangak